Transform an Office or Commercial Space

It’s so easy to change the look of an office, commercial or factory space. Using highly qualified commercial fitout personnel can make your working environment look modern, clean and offer privacy too. With many years of experience behind them, partitioning firms have a lot of experience in delivering a first class service along with affordable prices.

Office or Commercial Space

Skilled specialists will work with you to create a space in your place of work that’s:-

  • Good to work in
  • Looks smart in appearance
  • Welcoming for visitors or clients
  • Well designed, cost-efficient and professional looking

Let Perth commercial fitouts help you with a new office design that your employees will enjoy working in. No-one will chuck a sickie. Give advisers a call for more info on the many other services available.

A variety of office partitioning

The good news is you can choose from a huge variety of office partitioning and fitouts. Check out online galleries before deciding what to opt for. There are:-

  1. Plasterboard systems and steel stud – both of these options offer a clean, architectural appearance. Add acoustic cavity batts for great sound proofing so staff can concentrate on what they are doing.
  2. Demountable office partitioning – this provides easy relocation either in the same building or if you need to move to different offices. This partitioning comes in panels with many heights available suitable for work stations or floor to ceiling. The panels can be glazed and have decorative and acoustic finishes.
  3. Office ceilings and bulkheads – flush and acoustic tile or grid ceilings are a speciality of commercial fitouts firms.

Innovative dust free sanding systems are used when installing partitions or having a commercial fitout. Dust is extracted as walls are being sanded which keeps the office free from dust and computer equipment safe.

Great teams of designers

Expect a great team of designers to come up with fantastic ideas of how a tired looking office can be improved upon. Commercial renovators, interior designers and builders are defo highly skilled in what they do.  Partitioning companies also work with reputable contractors who can carry out:-

  • All electrical work
  • Plumbing jobs
  • Install air conditioning
  • Install new cabling

If you need ceiling, window or flooring treatment, just ask. Commercial fitout professionals can put you in touch with some of the industry’s leading names to carry out a complete service to improve the look of your office, factory or commercial layout.

Office or Commercial Space1

Informative blogs to read

For more information about fitouts or partitioning, take some time out and read the many informative blogs online. Subjects range from:-

  1. How staff can personalise their working space
  2. How office setups affect performance and productivity
  3. Solving office productivity issues of space and sound with partitioning
  4. Why workplaces should offer privacy

There’s heaps of useful advice when you get in touch with commercial fitout experts. Friendly staff will be more than happy to help you decide what you want, bonzer!