Tips for Setting Up Home Office

Have you just landed your dream job working from home?  Maybe your current employer has allowed you to begin working from home. No doubt you’re thrilled to forgo the morning commute and business attire. While working from home has its downsides, the payoff can certainly be worth it. Just eliminating the cost of commuting, a business wardrobe and lunches out can certainly make a difference in the budget. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for setting up a home office.


Define the area that will be designated at your daily office space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a separate room, you have half the problem solved. Otherwise, place a large desk in a low traffic area. Insist that this space be reserved for your office items and not comingled with household finance or children’s home work. The more disciplined and focused you are with your work environment, the high level of productivity you’ll have. Develop the same working schedule at home as was the pattern in the office. Begin working at a set time, and wind down at a set time every evening. Working on weekend, late at night and over lunch will not only reduce productivity, but it will be even more difficult to separate your work life from your leisure and family time.

Take advantage of your lunch hour and use a money savings coupon from Groupon and book an appointment at your local nail salon for a manicure. Getting out of the house is just as important as leaving the office. Clear your mind and refocus. Stay in close contact with your coworkers in the office via video conferencing and email.  Follow these tips and your new work from home career will be off to a great start.