The Only Way To Permanently Destroy Your Documents

Today it’s inadvisable to throw out your personal bills in the garbage with the rest of the trash. There’s no doubt that City of Markham’s waste collection services will dispose of your garbage. The threat lies in the amount of time your bins sit vulnerable on the curb. That is because a criminal industry that preys on residential trash bins for account and contact information exists, using this data for their gain.Yet, you can’t realistically keep all of your records forever; for reasons of space and organization you need to be able to securely dispose of your documents. That’s where a local mobile shredding service comes in.

The first manufactured shredder was a hand cranked machine invented far from the GTA by a German inventor named Adolf Ehinger in 1935. Shredding devices have evolved significantly since then. Now,mobile-shredding-trucks can perform on-site shredding of sensitive, confidential, and copyrighted material. In the modern era mobile-shredding-services have become a valuable and convenient way for Markham home and business owners to dispose of personal records properly.


Reputable document destruction companies are bonded and offer certificate of destruction receipts as proof of professional services rendered. Also, as environmental concerns become more prevalent throughout Markham and Southern Ontario, many mobile shredding companies offer sustainable recycling services for shredded documentation. The best options for document destruction in Markham will issue a guarantee of recycling receipt to confirm items are safely processed without breaching security requirements should be expected from a professional mobile shredding service. That’s because, as a local shredding service, Absolute Destruction cares about the environmental health of your community. Their bonded representatives want to protect you from identity theft without causing additional harm to the environment, which is why their guarantee of recycling limits the amount of waste sent to landfills and reduces the amount of energy used.

Beyond the environment, research studies have shown that mobile-shredding services save businesses up to 17 percent of cost compared to doing it on their own. For example, it takes an employee five hours to shred fifty pounds of paper. Commercial, mobile-shredding-trucks have state-of-the-art equipment that can perform the same amount of document destruction in minutes. Outsourcing, not only saves companies time and money, but it frees up staff so they can focus on work-related tasks.

Many government agencies, multinational corporations, and homeownersare turning to mobile-shredding services to transform sensitive documents into confetti-sized pieces. These destruction services provide a peace of mind that ensures confidential records are not recreated or reproduced. Professional shredders offer a variety of scheduling options from one-time, weekly, monthly or annual shredding services; whatever customers’ needs may be these companies have trained uniformed specialists and professional equipment to assure sensitive material are destroyed safely and efficiently.