Hire a Professional to Remove Wasp Nests Safely

You may fancy yourself a handyman, and you wouldn’t be wrong: you know your way around the plumbing, you aren’t afraid of getting up on the roof to clear the eaves and you’ve got an eye for detail with a paint roller in hand. But when it comes to nasty insect infestations, there’s a limit to what a man can do before he puts himself in danger. If you’ve got a wasp or hornet nest on the exterior of your GTA home, put your safety and your family’s in the trust of a professional wasp exterminator from Toronto. You may be tempted by products at the hardware store, but DIY solutions can be incredibly dangerous.


Follow some of these tips to keep your family safe from potentially lethal stings and swarms:

Check for Nests: Bald faced hornets build their nests in several types of places, such as trees and lower plants like bushes and hedges. These are particularly dangerous as they can easily be disturbed by children and dogs. However, they can also appear on houses, under peak roofs and mansards.

Meanwhile, yellowjackets set up in trees, in the corners of windows and under eaves. Yellowjackets are the easiest to check for; at sunset, scan your outdoor space for sunlight glinting off of their brightly coloured bodies. They fly in straight lines so you can follow them back to their hiding places.

Do Not Disturb: Once you’ve noticed and located the source, do not attempt to investigate yourself without protective gear. They are hierarchical creatures that will defend their queen at all costs; according to Toronto wasp nest removal company Power Pest Control, yellowjackets are particularly dangerous as they can sting multiple times and they are often attracted to the face.

Keep your children from playing nearby as their rambunctious behaviour will be perceived as a threat. Yelling, running and arm-waving are all part of kidding around in the backyard to a five-year-old, but to a wasp it’s a threat. It will respond aggressively and if your child is too close to a hive, it won’t respond alone.

Keep Calm and Close Your Eyes: If you’ve failed to notice a nest and it’s somehow been disturbed, stay calm, protect your eyes and get inside or as far away as possible. They are attracted to faces, especially if you are yelling or panicking. Take children by the hand and try to settle them down while guiding them to safety. Never try to fight off an attack as they will only redouble their aggressions.

Bring in Exterminators: One Ontario-based company, Power Pest Control, cautions homeowners that while DIY products do exist, it takes extreme caution and protective equipment to apply them without getting hurt. If you’ve experienced an attack before or had your own disaster dealing with an infestation, you’ve probably already made the call. They will inspect the premises and eradicate the problem without putting anyone in harm’s way.

During the removal process, you may want to take the family on a day trip. Otherwise, make sure everyone stays inside with the windows and doors closed tight. Pay a visit to Powerpestcontrol.ca/pests/hornets-wasps-and-bees/ for more information on the dangers of yellowjackets and hornets. Allergies can develop without you knowing about it, especially if you’ve never been stung before. As Global News reported, the Mayor of La Prairie, Quebec died after being stung only fifteen times in 2014; her allergy status was unknown. Experienced exterminators are the only solution. Call the professionals as soon as you find evidence of a hive on your property and keep your family safe.